1 Corinthians 12:31b (NAS)

And I show you a still more excellent way.
1Corinthians 12:31b (NAS)

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Insights from the movie, Room

Just like Jack in the movie, Room, we too, are born into a 10x10 shed.  Like him, we are limited by our own ignorance of the world that waits outside our four walls.  We are childlike, dependent on our creator for all that we need much like Jack was completely dependent on his mother to give him food, to take care of him and to explain things to him.  She was the voice in his head that told him stories of all that existed outside "Room".  She was his skylight, his opening to see beyond this life and the hope of something wonderful and exciting and meaningful on the other side of his four walls.

The "Room" we are born into is our physical life here on planet earth.  It can be beautiful or it can be terrifying.  "Room" is the place common to all of us.  But, Jack was not alone, and neither are we.  God did not just drop us into this life and leave us to try and figure things out.  No, he is present with us in this "Room"; present by his Holy Spirit and his own son can to live  here with us to show us the way out.  Through him, we can escape this prison of sin.

Right now, we are still in "Room", but we have hope; hope of a new life that is eternal, perfect, unflawed, and without any fear or harm.  And best of all, we have someone who loves us very much, who will tell us the truth about our situation, and gives us the courage to do what seems impossible. 

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